What we do..

As fully qualified and NARCH registered Hydrotherapists. We will work closely with you and your dog to provide a customised treatment plan to give your dog the help, support and relief it needs. Promoting a better quality of life.

Every case is different, but every dog can benefit from Hydrotherapy.

Uncomfortable conditions from birth. Pre or post-operative. Hydrotherapy will do wonders for your dog.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for rejuvenation in elderly dogs. Improving their balance, muscle strength, stiffness and alleviating the painful symptoms of Osteo-arthritis.

We can also help your dog to lose weight taking the strain from their joints. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial in relieving the symptoms of dysplasia.

Why is Hydrotherapy Beneficial...

Non- Weight bearing

Provides Muscle training

without excessive joint loading

Promotes a greater Range of Motion

Promotes good balance

Facilitates the targeting of

specific muscle groups

Prevention of over compensation

to other limbs/muscles.

Utilises the natural resistance of water

Therapeutic water temperature

Provides a Proprioceptively enriched environment

Conditions we treat.
Medical conditions:

Weight loss/Obesity
Muscle Atrophy
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

General Health benefits:

Water habituation
Fitness conditioning/Sporting and working dogs
Muscle strength/muscle mass
Aerobic fitness
Cardiac and pulmonary fitness and endurance
Improved Range of Motion

and most of all

All dogs will need a veterinary referral to participate

and this can be downloaded below

Derek Richards, RCH NARCH Hydrotherapist

Prices are from £45 a session or a bulk of 10 is £400.

Please call us for further information or to make an appointment.